About kiki:

Welcome to kiki’s blog.

Do you know why I choose kiki as my nickname?

If u do a research of “kiki” in your browser,u will get 18,000,000 results back. Similar results if u try it on any bbs, mail service providers or p2p communication tools.

Well,  “simple’ and “not easy to identify” are the main reasons I chose it.

PPl can’t identify a person easily by such a popular name.*^_^* LOL !!!

This is a “kiki” living in the crowed world, but in her own way. *^_^*

One day kiki feel tired to see so many ADs on her msn space and facebook page so she created this site.

kiki’s Schools:

Monash University, Australia

Macquarie University, Australia

University of Lanusanne, Switzerland

Michigan State University, USA

kiki’s Interests:

Travel around the world, drawing and everything related such as make up, photograph.

kiki’s Professional Qualifications:

Financial Planner & CPA

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