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The largest question bothered me is how a former slaver owner (Dala)could be a peace keeper. From the day I knowed Dala was the winer of peace prize I realized there is no 100% truth and justice in the world.Everybody judges according to what he got from the media which is often manipulated by political powers even in free countries. People out of China judge the Tibet issue based on what the Tibetants in exile said and most of them were born or grown up overseas who’s idea come from the old Lamas who ruled most ofTibetants as slavers physically and spiritually and never brought them with peace. Observing the world by our eyes is the only way to get the truth. Posted by: lilly shane of melbourne

I am a migrant from China and have been living in Australia for ten years. Unfortunately, I found many of westeners do not know China at all, such as its history, its current situation , but they made a lot of comments ! This sound funny.This made me very sad. If you can read some history books about China and visit China by yourself , you will be able to make your own judgement.

Posted by: Walter H Li of Sydney

After decades of Meida and Politician description about the “evil” side of China, is that imaginable some people will protest anything good about China. What a ironic, how about last year the riot and fire on Paris street towards the New Good Player French president, what did he do? He claimed the rioter yougesters are rabish. Yes, what a good double standards towards some one different. Posted by: Chris Mi Zhou of Sydney

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