“YES MAN” KH alison’s coat

今天一边UNPACKING,一边看去年上映的YES MAN, 爆笑. 本来想写个影评, 不料对里面女主角的衣衣一见钟情,


a blue jacket with double breasted silver buttons and red lining, 就是这件衣服,

根据有人写信给电影中处理服装的Mark Bridges的回信,

“”Gosh, that coat had gotten more interest than anything I’ve ever done.
The story is that that coat was a one of a kind vintage (late 60’s)find
in a rental house in L.A. and I loved it for the character “Alison”
before Zooey was even set for the role. My best suggestion is to try to
get it made, out of a wool that will “sculpt” a serge or a twill weave,
make sure the sleeves are very slim and that the coat has a shape even
when it is on the hanger. Best of luck, thanks for asking! Mark Bridges””

看来要直接买到这件羊毛大衣是没戏了. 看有没有哪个聪明的设计师或服装制造商把它复制出来….


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