澳洲政府对金融服务的管理要求很多,也很严格。如果想在澳洲做FINANCIAL PLANNING,政府会特定的考核。考完拿了证书之后才能当FINANCIAL PLANNER。FINANCE BROKER也是一样的情况

这个和FINANCIAL SERVICE的LICENCE又不同。那个LICENCE很贵,主要是针对营业机构。一般一个FIRM里只需要有一个LICENCE就可以了,但雇佣的FINANCIAL PLANNER必需通过PS 146的特定级别才能给予相应的建议。

The Corporations Act 2001 requires people who carry on a business of providing financial services to hold an AFS licence (unless they are covered by an exemption or are authorised to provide those financial services as a representative of another person who holds an AFS licence).

What financial services do you need a licence for?

You may need an AFS licence if, as part of your business, you:

provide financial product advice
deal in a financial product
make a market for a financial product
operate a registered scheme
provide a custodial or depository service.
financial services

All natural persons who provide financial product advice to retail clients
must meet the training standards, unless they fall within certain limited
exemption categories: see RG 146.4–RG 146.5 and Section B.
In general, advisers will meet the relevant training standards by
satisfactorily completing training courses assessed as meeting the training
standards by an authorised assessor and listed on the ASIC Training
Register. As an alternative, experienced advisers can demonstrate their
competence through individual assessment by an authorised assessor: see
RG 146.8–RG 146.13 and Sections D–E.
Licensees must implement policies and procedures to ensure that they and
their advisers undertake continuing training:

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